Piano projekt Assocciation started its projects back in 2010 with Kemal Gekić Summer School. Prof. Gekić is a Croatian-born pianist with international career mainly in USA and Japan. His summer school atracts pianists mostly from Japan. Some of them came back 5 or 6 times, attracted by the professional level of master classes and the beauty of Split itself. The Piano Loop Festival was the natural offshoot of the Summer School because of its success and a growing number of interested pianists. Therefore I invited several other respected piano professors to accompany prof. Gekic in the master classes. Beside the teaching part, there were also numerous piano recitals organized daily in the local museums. And thus the idea for the festival was born.

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18.08. NURON MUKUMI 20 H


20.08. MATIJA DEDIĆ 20 H

21.08. IGOR LAZKO 20 H

22.08. KEMAL GEKIĆ 20 H


Ethnographic museum, Iza Vestibula 4

Tickets: Adriaticket.com


Flamboyant, daring, provocative, exciting, seductive and sensitive are some of the words used to describe one of today's most formidable pianists, Kemal Gekic, whose playing has been acclaimed worldwide by public and critics alike.Born in Split, Croatia in 1962, Gekic amazed his family by accurately picking out melodies at the piano at age one and a half. The young prodigy d all his early musical training from his aunt, Lorenza Batturina. In 1978 he entered the class pf Prof. Jokuthon Mihailovich (a graduate of Moscow Conservatory) at the Art Academy of Novi Sad, Yugoslavia. He graduated in 1982 with the highest mark ever granted a diploma exam recital, and was immediately given a faculty appointment by the piano department which he eventually directed until 1999. During his school years he won prizes at the Franz Liszt Competition in Parma (1981), the Viana da Motta in Lisbon (1983) and the Yugoslav Artists' Competition in Zagreb (1984).

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Born: 1949 - St. Petersburg (Leningrad), Russia (former USSR) The Russian pianist, Igor Lasko [Lazko] is descended from a family renowned for its musicians through several generations. His prodigious talent was apparent as a young boy, and when he was 6 years old he was admitted to the special school for young musicians in the Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory, where his professors were Pavel Serebryakov and Lekhovitskaya. He was profoundly affected by the example of Glenn Gould's playing during his tour in the Soviet Union in 1957, and from this and from Gould's recordings he drew a wealth of inspiration: the pianist describes this in a published article.

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Born in Zagreb on March 2nd 1973., Matija started playing classic piano at the age of five. After he finished Music high school «Vatroslav Lisinski» in 1991., went to Graz to Jazz Academy where he graduated in 1997. under prof. Harald Neuwirth and private lessons with J. Taylor in cologne, Hal Galper, Bill Dobins and Barry Harris. Since he was raised in the family surounded by pop and traditional musicians, he began to listen to all kinds of music very early, soon discovering jazz and finding that it alowes him apstract and more personal musical point of view.

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Winner of the Piano Loop Festival 2015 Born in 1996 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Nuron Mukumiy started his piano lessons at the age of 6 at the Uspensky Institute of Music in 2002 in the class of the renowned Tashkent piano pedagogue Prof. Tamara Popovich. While still in Uzbekistan, Nuron became a winner of several international competitions: The International Russian Music Competition in San Jose, CA. 2003, The Uzbekistan Republic Junior competition in Tashkent, 2004, and a Special Prizewinner of the Cantu International Piano Competition in 2005.

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Elizaveta Ivanova was born in Moscow into a musical family. She started to play the piano at the age of four at Yakov Flier Music School in Moscow with N. Dolenko and gave her first concert with 5. Nowadays she is a prize winner of 15 international piano competitions and has performed in more than 30 countries all over the world.

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Winner of the Piano Loop Festival 2016 In 2011 Leonhard Dering was accepted in the Piano-Masterclass of Lev Natochenny at Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts. Born in 1991 in Tomsk (Siberia) in a family with German roots, he has been living in Germany since 1993. From the age of 6 on he received piano lessons by the concert pianist Prof. Alla Schatz, a graduate of the Moscow Neuhaus-class.

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Finished Central Music School under Moscow State Conservatory, in class of Vera Kameneva (Chistyakova) and Professor A. Pisarev in 2011. Graduated in 2016 from Moscow State P.I.Tchaikovsky Conservatory in class of Professor Elisso Virsaladze. In the Academic year 2016-2017 Sergey is studying in Tel-Aviv in Buchmann- Mehta School of Music TAU in class of Professor Arie Vardi. Also Sergey is studying in the Lev Natochenny International Piano Institute in the class of Professor Lev Natochenny.

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Pianist Danijel Detoni  born in Zagreb in 1983 won his BA and MA degrees in piano in the class of László Baranyay and Balázs Kecskés at the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music in Budapest and for a year as a student of Itamar Golan at the Paris Conservatory. He attended masterclasses and lessons given by artists as Pnina Salzman, Hamsa al-Wadi, Emanuel Krasovsky, Felix Gottlieb, Pál Éder and Dénes Várjon. Being a dedicated chamber musician since his early age he won the first prize in duo with Márta Deák at the Leó Weiner  State Competition for Chamber Music in Budapest in April 2003, and in August 2006 he received the Award of the Israeli Isman  Foundation for his extraordinary interpretation of Ligeti's music..

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Ivan Batoš was born in Split in 1979. He completed his elementary musical education in Split (class of Ivana Oreb). He graduated piano at Academy of Music in Zagreb in 2002 in class of professor Đuro Tikvica (student of Tatyana Nikolayeva at Tschaikovsky Conservatorium, Moscow). He has been completing his post graduate study in class of Lovro Pogorelić. He attended master classes with famous teachers and piano players such as Anatolij Katz, Viktor Merzhanov (EPTA Piano School, Dubrovnik), David Lively (Internationale Sommerakademie Prag-Wien-Budapest 2001), Arbo Valdma (Koln, Hochschule fur Musik) and Czeslaw Stanczyk (Warsaw Piano Workshop 2003).

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